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Welcome to the website where you can find my articles, translations,
videos and quotations about astrology, karma, philosophy and occult matters.

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Zafer Özyiğit Troy Karma Astrology
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What is Karma Astrology?

Before defining karma astrology we better understand what “karma” is.
Basically karma can be defined with the saying “ You reap what you sow ”. We are the result of our own past life experiences, our ancestors’ karma along with the karma of the society we lived in. All above awaits to be solved in our current lives to achieve a brighter soul and clean our karmic debts.

Herewith karma astrology believes in reincarnation and helps people to better understand the reason of their current life situations and find out ways to improve their future. Being a multidisciplinary science, astrology examines the past and the future of a person and help the take proper steps and act in a correct way to bend time and place.

Unlike traditional astrology, the readings made as per the Sun’s or rising signs’s placements remain dull in karma astrology occult.  The natal chart of a person should be examined as a whole because each degree on a chart has different planets, stars or asteroids that shelter different reasons, meanings and lessons. Based on this fact we can consider karma astrology as the science of the degrees. For further information regarding Karma Astrology please feel free to contact!

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